I recently received a Samsung Omnia 7 and I think it’s a pretty awesome phone. But, Windows Phone 7 in general lags behind with a few things, one of these things is a built in internet tethering feature (like in the iPhone for example). Since I’m going away for a few days I don’t intend on going around with a 3G modem (my laptop doesn’t have a built in 3G modem), neither am I to keen on switching back to my iPhone. So I searched for a solution and stumbled upon a hack to enable launch the Omnia 7 Diagnostic Menu and the Micro USB Test.

Here’s what you need to do

  • Open the phone application
  • Dial  # # 634 # and press Call
  • This will launch the diagnostic menu
  • Enter  * # 7284 #
  • If the code above is entered properly then the Micro USB Test app launches 
  • Select Modem, Tethered Call
  • You are prompted to restart the device
  • Connect your Omnia 7 to your computer via USB

In my attempt I was prompted to install the Samsung USB Driver and Windows 7 provided me with a link. Try it out :)