A few of you who know me probably have seen me from the Mobility community, MSDN Forums or the Newsgroups. I love helping out in the Newsgroups, I had so much fun doing so that I needed an application where I can do so while I’m on the go. Being the nerd that I am, my first reaction to this was that I needed to write a mobile newsgroup reader. I actually did before ever checking that a few of them already existed! Oh well, it was fun to write. I used the application a lot, especially while waiting in the airport, or for the train, or wherever that time feels like it stopped.

I decided to share this application to the public and publish it on CodePlex. If you’re interested in the source code or if you want to contribute to the project then check it out at https://pocketnews.codeplex.com

Unfortunately the application misses some basic features that any messaging application should have like a drafts folder. Maybe some day I can pull myself together to finish it up, or maybe some one out there who loves the Newsgroups just as much as I do would want to contribute some time and code :)