I was at the Microsoft TechFest yesterday where we had an exhibition and a half hour presentation. I presented 2 solutions: TimeTracker which I mentioned in my previous blogs; And a successful customer project called the Mobile Inpsection Log which is designed for quality assurance and control for field workers.

The Mobile Inspection Log was fully tailored to the customers requirements. I did not design it for one handed navigation, I instead designed the mobile client to look similar to its existing desktop application counter part. I’ll post some screen shots if I get permission from the customer and management.

After the presentation I was interviewed by MSDN Channel 9 where I gave an overview of what we do and what is next for us. I’ll post a link to the Channel 9 interview once they publish it on their site.

During lunch break, we had the chance we watch a presentation from the Imagine Cup 2007 1st place winner in Software Design. These guys did an excellent job for a project called the LiveBook. Here’s a link to it Team 3KC Returns/Project LiveBook!