Danish Developer Conference 2012

There’s a lot of talks about HTML5 these days and I myself will be doing a talk regarding the subject in the Danish Developer Conference. I was planning on saving my content for my presentation but once my talk is done I’ll be posting a couple of articles on HTML5 and Windows Phone 7.

Here’s an introduction / teaser to what I’ll be presenting…

A long break…

As I come back from another long blogging break, a lot of great things have happened in my life…

The greatest experience I’ve had so far in my life was on September 15, 2011 I became a father to this wonderfully charming little guy you see below:

I took a full month off work to play daddy and to assist my wife with everything I possibly can. It was a great time and I’ll never regret or forget that.

My hands were completely tied from work the day I got back from my leave. Luckily the projects were all very exciting and challenging, but did require me to spend a ton of hours on work. I had the chance to work on an online music service called TDC Play for a rather large danish based telecom company called TDC. I unfortunately only took part in the design and development of the Windows Phone 7 version, but the app is also available on the iOS and Android.

You can check out the app here:
…unfortunately, due to infrastructure and licensing issues it’s only available to Danish customers

The app was extremely fun to make and I got the to work with my old colleages from the Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen. I expect to post some articles on performance, background agents, Implementing a MediaStreamSource for streaming or progressive downloads, and loads of other fun stuff.

I also got started again in doing some speaking events. In February 29 in Horsons, Denmark I’ll be doing a talk on Windows Phone 7 and HTML5 for the Danish Developer Conference and on February 13 I’ll be doing an online talk on Background Agents on Windows Phone 7

So what’s next for me in the blogsphere? Well to begin with I’d like to continue on my series Multi-platform Mobile Development and some articles on Windows Phone 7 development. I’m looking forward to getting back into writing some useful articles.

I’ll probably also be back on the MSDN forums, especially the Smart Device section to help out other developers running into issues with mobile development

Source Code Download

I’ve published a few articles and quite a deal of code in my blog. I realized that I never properly published the source code as Visual Studio solutions.

I will upload all source code as Visual Studio solutions to this URL:

Special thanks to Caspar de Zinger for porting my Transparent Controls solution to VB.NET

Cepa Mobility – Enabling the Disabled

About a year ago, I had the chance to sit down with a brilliant developer with Muscular Atrophy. I was doing some mentoring that time and was helping them in solving some minor issues regarding a Windows Mobile based solution.

Yesterday, while I was checking out what’s new on MSDN’s Channel 9 website I saw that the guys at Cepa Mobility were interviewed by Channel 9. These guys are doing some really great stuff for enabling people with disabilities.

Here are some very interesting and inspiring videos of the guys and their work:

YouTube – Mobile Communicator for People with Disabilities
Channel 9 – Cepa Mobility: Enabling the Disabled with Mobile Communication
Channel 9 – CepaCom Demo

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen – TechFest 2007

I was at the Microsoft TechFest yesterday where we had an exhibition and a half hour presentation. I presented 2 solutions: TimeTracker which I mentioned in my previous blogs; And a successful customer project called the Mobile Inpsection Log which is designed for quality assurance and control for field workers.

The Mobile Inspection Log was fully tailored to the customers requirements. I did not design it for one handed navigation, I instead designed the mobile client to look similar to its existing desktop application counter part. I’ll post some screen shots if I get permission from the customer and management.

After the presentation I was interviewed by MSDN Channel 9 where I gave an overview of what we do and what is next for us. I’ll post a link to the Channel 9 interview once they publish it on their site.

During lunch break, we had the chance we watch a presentation from the Imagine Cup 2007 1st place winner in Software Design. These guys did an excellent job for a project called the LiveBook. Here’s a link to it Team 3KC Returns/Project LiveBook!

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2007 – Copenhagen

It’s been pretty interesting these past days where I’ve been hanging out at the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2007 Conference in Copenhagen. I had a chance to speak as a guest speaker for a session called “MOB102: Extending Your Microsoft Dynamics Solution Through Mobile Applications”.

I also had the chance to show a demo of a new product that I have been working on lately. A Time, Material, and Mileage registration application called the TimeTracker. One of the key features that the crowd really loved was the one handed navigation or thumb navigation design. Of course the graphics, performance, and the integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV was also a huge hit.

The last day of the conference is tomorrow and I’m looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer

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