Generating a REST API Client from Visual Studio 2017 and 2019

For the past year or so, I have been doing a lot of development that involves producing an OpenAPI specification document from a .NET Core based REST API and generating client code using things like AutoRestSwagger CodegenOpenAPI Codegen, and NSwag. My problem with these tools is that I often need to leave Visual Studio and quite often update the tool before I can re-generate my REST API client code. After doing this a couple of times I thought that I should just build a Visual Studio extension to make my life easier. At the end of last year I started work on a Visual Studio extension called the REST API Client Code Generator, A collection of Visual Studio custom tools for generating a strongly typed REST API Client from an Open API / Swagger specification file

With this tool I can easily switch from NSwag, AutoRest, Swagger Codegen, and OpenAPI Codegen, and re-generate my code by making changes directly to the OpenAPI specification document I have in my project.

I built Visual Studio Custom Tools for each code generator so every time I make changes to the OpenAPI specification document in my project, the client code gets automatically re-generated.

You can include an NSwag Studio file in the project and right click and re-generate my client code

And a feature that I just built today, adding a dialog for adding a new OpenAPI specification document file.

This project is open source and you get browse the repository on here and download the VSIX file from the Visual Studio Marketplace

3 thoughts on “Generating a REST API Client from Visual Studio 2017 and 2019

  1. Is there any easy way to update the rest api client, when using Swagger Codegen?

    1. The REST API Client Generator uses a custom tool to listen to changes and automatically regenerate code so the best way would be to change the Swagger spec included in the project

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